Rent or buy table linen

Should I buy or rent tablecloths and linen?

As a major supplier of banquet tables, chairs and equipment, we are often asked why we don’t sell linen with our products. Certainly we can sell our customers tablecloths,  napkins, etc., however these items are not intended to provide long service, as they quickly wear out. The average life of a linen cloth in the hospitality industry is only a handful of events. Think about how dirty these items get, from food stains, liquid spills, etc. Every time you wash them, you have to apply harsh chemicals to remove the stains and sanitize. Sure, we can sell you spandex covers for your highboy tables, or tablecloths for your folding tables, however not only are you stuck with the colors you select, you are also responsible for cleaning them.

Aside from the short lifespan of linen, every event is unique. There are literally hundreds of colors, and thousands of color variations that can be created. Don’t limit yourself by purchasing limited linen colors that limit your creativity. Check your local listings to find where you can rent table linens, tablecloths, napkins, skirts, runners and more. Not only will you save a lot of money, you also won’t have to deal with the headache of keeping them clean. Plus, you’ll be able to be far more creative with color choices.


If you’re a banquet facility, country club, or some sort of venue that provides wedding receptions, think about how every wedding is unique and different. Customers oftentimes have color patterns, mixtures, etc. that they have already picked out. Work with your local linen rental company, and have them provide you with all of their color templates, swatches and so on to allow you to cater to your clients needs.

Benefits to owning your own linen

  • Great if you are a company, and are buying linen with your company colors or logo.
  • If you have the space to store linen (without it getting wrinkled).
  • Only need a certain type of linen, such as tablecloths or runners.
  • Have the ability to dry clean/wash your own linen.

Drawbacks to owning linen

  • If you need a variety of colors choices, textures and sizes, it can be costly.
  • Don’t have the ability to easily store, wash, maintain linen.
  • If you are an event coordinator, you need to be able to offer your customers virtually every color, texture, size and shape of tablecloths, napkins, etc. It would be very expensive to provide this many options.
  • Linen wears out quickly, so the cost of ownership is very high.

Bottom line, let a professional linen rental company supply your needs. Once you build a relationship with a reputable rental company, they’ll often give you special contract pricing, help you in a pinch, etc. Owning your own linen can turn into a major headache very quickly.

Check your local online listings for companies nearby.

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