Banquet Table Setup and Size Guide

This guide will help you setup banquet tables at your next event. If you’re wondering which size banquet tables you need, or how many people can fit around a particular banquet table, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find all of the answers to creating the most comfortable seating arrangements for your guests. We have included some examples and charts below, to show the various ways guests can be seated around different style banquet and folding tables. Great for weddings, parties, and more.

Chiavari ChairsHow many people will fit around a round folding banquet table?

Since guests will be seated around 30″ tall round tables, you’ll want them to be comfortable. The chart below is for the most comfortable seating arrangement, so you can add 1 more guest if you like. These tables are great for creating a warm environment, as all guests around table can easily converse.

Table Size 30″ Round 36″ Round 48″ Round 60″ Round 72″ Round
Seats up to 2 guests 3 guests 4 guests 6 guests 8 guests

hb-2How many people can fit around a Highboy Table?

These tables are generally used for cocktail parties, or wherever guests will be standing. Generally, guests do not sit around a highboy table, so you can accommodate more people.

Table Size 24″ Highboy 30″ Highboy 36″ Highboy
Accommodates up to 3 guests 4 guests 5 guests


How many people will comfortably fit around a rectangular banquet table?

Rectangular banquet tables are great for outdoor receptions, indoor parties, or in addition to where round tables are used. These tables do take up more room than traditional round folding tables,  and generally don’t lend to all parties at the table being able to converse with one another. However they are great for banquets. Cap both ends to add 2 more guests.

Table Size 30″ x 48″ 30″ x 60″ 30″ x 72″
Seats up to 4 guests 6 guests 8 guests

training-table-seating-guideHow many people can fit around a seminar training table?

Training tables, oftentimes also called Seminar Tables, are commonly found in meeting rooms, training rooms, schools, hotel meeting facilities, board rooms, computer labs, etc. They are designed to seat people on only one side, as guests will all face the presenter. Tables are also narrow (18 inches wide), so it’s not practical to seat people on both side.

Table Size 18″ x 60″ 18″ x 72″ 18″ x 96″
Seats up to 2 guests 3 guests 4 guests

Frequently Asked Questions about banquet tables, sizes and capacities:

Q: What is the standard banquet table size?
     A: Standard height is 29 – 30 inches. For round tables, generally 60″ diameter is the most common, while 48″ are used for smaller (more intimate parties) and 72″ for large receptions.

Q: What is the width of a standard rectangular table?
     A: 30″ is the standard table width of a rectangular banquet table. This allows for seating of guests on both sides.

Q: What is the best size highboy table to buy?
     A: The 30″ diameter highboy table is by far our most popular. This size will accommodate virtually any event/need. The 24″ is great for smaller parties, or where space might be tight. 36″ is our largest top, and great for large events. The nice thing about a 36″ highboy is that you can use the 30″ height pole, and use it for a sit down table; very versatile!

Q: What if someone spills on the table and it seeps through the cloth? Will the table get ruined?
     A: No. Our tables have a UV poly sealant applied 4 TIMES. Most banquet tables are have one or two coats. Therefore, our tables not only protect against spills, but also UV sunlight.

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