Banquet Table Buffet Set up Ideas

There are three main ways to setup a buffet for your event.  The type of event and number of guests will determine which set up will best work for you.  A buffet can be formal or informal depending on the decor used.

The first set up is the most popular and we call this the standard buffet.

Standard Buffet

Standard Buffet

This buffet set up is best for 75 guests or less.  It consists of a very simple set up using two 8 ft. banquet tables.  You can make the buffet longer by adding more tables if necessary.  This buffet is a good option when space is limited.  Putting your buffet on a wall of the room, will help to use the event space more efficiently.


Serpentine Buffet

Serpentine Buffet

The serpentine buffet is a great option if your event has 100 or more guests and you have ample space.  The curves in the serpentine tables add a nice touch of flair to help create a wonderful visual appeal for guests.  It also allows for guests to utilize both sides of the buffet at the same time.  We recommend using three 5 ft. serpentine tables like the diagram below.  You can also scale it down to two 5 ft. serpentine tables for smaller events.


The third most common buffet set up incorporates a chef’s carving station.  This buffet is usually used for larger events, but can also be scaled down and used anytime.  For this set up, you will need two 8 ft. banquet tables and one 60″ round table for the carving station.  If you are having a smaller event, you can use one 8 ft. banquet table instead of two.


Chef's Carving Station

Chef’s Carving Station

Choosing your type of buffet is very important, but don’t forget the visual details too.  It is always recommended to add “buffet feng shui” to your set up by using varying heights for your serve ware.  This will make the buffet look glamourous!  Make sure to choose the appropriate linens as well.  Please refer to our linen sizing guide to find the appropriate linens.


Casual Buffet


The dinner buffet is most popular, but you can have a buffet for any meal.  The most fun buffets are dessert buffets, especially candy buffets.  Try this at your next event for tons of compliments and happy guests!


Candy Buffet

Dessert Buffet


Last, but not least, make sure your buffet matches your decor.  Incorporate your colors and theme into your buffet for a flawless look and feel. Remember, everyone loves food, but having a beautiful buffet just make the food taste that much better!

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