About Chiavari Chairs

Here’s a brief history on this most elegant piece of banquet furniture.

Chiavari chair is short for Chiavarina, also known as a Tiffany chair.  This style chair is most commonly referred to as the chiavari chair, which is traditionally made of wood.  It’s design features are considered to be Ligurian decent, which is a costal region of north west Italy.  This region is the small coastal area of the the Italian region, and most known for their beautiful beachs, picturesque little towns, and some of the best food on earth!

The chiavari chair was first created back in 1807 by a cabinetmaker from Chiavari (an area on the north west Italian coast).  His name was Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi.  Guiseppe reworked some chairs in the French Empire style, in which he made the design more simple and also lightened the structural design of the chair.

The chair was immediately a success, which spun factories to open up all over Chiavari to produce such chairs.  The demand for the chiavari chair was huge!

While the chiavari chair looks simple, the design behind it certainly is not.  The lightness of the chair is accomplished by using carefully designed structural sections.  Each piece is designed according to the specific stresses and weights that it will be subject to.  The timbers originally used were wild cherry and maple wood in addition to beech and ash.  All of the wood came from forests in Italy.

The main goal behind this style chair was to create something that was lightweight yet very elegant.  Here you have the Chiavari/Tiffany chair.

The chiavari seat was made with strips of purple willow, which were hand woven directly into the frame of the chair.

Chiavari chairs are still made in Italy today, and you can find them manufactured in small shops just as they once were many years ago.  Today, Chiavari is a popular chair choice for any ballroom or elegant event.  Many party rental companies will carry at least one color of chiavari, as they are always in demand, and will add that extra touch of elegance to any event or wedding reception.


White Chiavari Chair

White Chiavari Chair

Gold ballroom chiavari resin chair

Gold Ballroom Chiavari Resin Chair

Ballroom chair in silver

Ballroom Chiavari Chair in Silver

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